The day you retire is one of life’s ultimate milestones. If you’ve been smart (and a little lucky) you’ve been able to save some money to fund a comfortable retirement. But before we get lost in too much celebrating, it is time to plan out how you are going to make that money last the […]

If you had to guess now how much your current income will be replaced by Social Security in retirement, you would likely guess too high. Most people would. The truth is, Social Security is only meant to cover about 40% of an average worker’s wages during retirement. The fact that most people expect it to […]

Convincing someone that they need to invest their money is hard enough without all the choices that come next. Stocks, bonds, real estate, funds – it can seem like there is an endless amount of options for investing. So how are we supposed to know where to start? First, it is key to establish how […]

If someone asked you whether or not you are financially healthy, how would you answer? Most people would respond with some variation of, “What do you mean?” We don’t have a great definition for financial health in this country. And the sad truth is, as a nation, we are not very financially healthy. There are […]

In the United States today, it is far more common for adults to be single than it used to be. Marriage rates have been steadily dropping over the last 50 years. But most financial advice still assumes adults are married. Writing for Wise Bread, Emily Guy Birken tells us what changes for retirement planning when […]

Anyone who has spent any time as an underclassman on a college campus knows that the decision on whether or not to get a credit card is one you must make very quickly. That’s because banks and credit card companies flood college campuses with credit card offers. There are pros and cons to signing up […]

The first few years out of school can set the tone for your entire career. Finding the right job can help you reach your goals – both career and financial – sooner. And in order to help set yourself up for that job, many students opt to take advantage of resume-boosting opportunities while still in […]