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Change on the horizon for gift and estate tax (as reported by Sharon Epperson via

Those planning on giving a large amount of money to their children or grandchildren should consider doing it before the New Year. Beginning January 1, 2013, the amount of money parents or grandparents are allowed give to children for education support might change. Currently, the maximum amount that a single person can transfer to their […]

Only 39% of checking accounts that pay no interest are free (as reported by Jonnelle Marte via

In today’s economy, “free checking” accounts are harder to find as banks are pressed to meet new government regulations. Many large banks are either adding or increasing fees and requirements for account holders. There are some options for those searching for free checking, read about them here.

1 in 13 American households don’t have bank account (as reported by CATHERINE RAMPELL via

A Federal Deposit Insurance Company study showed that one in 13 American households do not have a checking or savings account. Furthermore, Americans who are unbanked and underbanked are disproportionately low-income and minority. Read more about the status of the unbanked here.

Credit card use in decline (as reported by CHRISTOPHER S. RUGABER via

Since the Recession hit in 2008, there has been a decline in credit card use by Americans, suggesting that the current state of the economy has made some more cautious about spending. At the same time, debt for college or car loans increased. Find out more by clicking here.

Fun $ facts (as reported by

Did you know that a $1 bill will only last 18 months and a $5 bill for two years? Or that the dollar sign “$” has never appeared on any U.S. currency? Find out more fun facts about the original American currencies here!

Suze Orman’s do’s and don’ts (as reported by Suze Orman via

In this article, Suze Orman, a best selling author, television host and one of America’s most popular financial advisers offers the “do’s and don’ts” on some of the biggest financial decisions people make, from car loans to college planning. To read Suze Orman’s helpful financial tips, click here!

Four quick tips on saving money for young people (as reported by the Associated Press via

In this MSNBC article you’ll find 4 smart tips how to save your money, geared especially towards young adults. To read the tips, click here!