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U.S. taxes, a global comparison (as reported by Roberton Williams via

Do Americans pay too much in taxes or too little? According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), U.S. taxes are low in comparison to other developed countries. In 2008, U.S. taxes were 26% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), while the average for the 33 member countries was 35%. The highest percentage went […]

Credit default rates dropping (as reported by Anthony Mason via

Like many Americans, Sherry Maffia is working hard to pay off her debts. It was a slow and steady process but by December she will be debt free. A recent financial study showed that more and more people are managing to get rid of their debts. The study showed that the default rate for mortgages […]

The case for financial literacy as a school subject (as reported by Chris Kissell via

Annamaria Lusardi. Ph. D., points out that financial literacy should be a main subject in school, such as math, science or history. She emphasizes that schools should offer financial literacy to their students, instead of leaving this subject to their parents. It’s proven that even many parents aren’t financial literate and hence they are unable […]

Investing for beginners! (as reported by

Despite the dismal performance of the stock market in recent years, over the long term investing, on average, does produce a return of 7-9%. Many people are intimidated about where to start when it comes to investing. In this article, Kiplinger outlines the three first steps to investing—setting goals and adopting a strategy, making investing […]

The Global Financial Crisis (via Share the World’s Resources

If you’re teaching economics along with personal finance, you’ll find this website to be very useful. It outlines some basic facts about the global financial crisis of 2008, and goes in-depth on the recurring problems of the world economy including debt-based consumer culture, unbalanced international trade, among other issues. Here you’ll find news updates, overviews, […]

Thirst for immediate gratification prevents adequate saving for retirement (as reported by Carla Fried via

This article from Bloomberg explains how Americans are wired against long term planning, and most importantly saving for retirement. Not only do people underestimate how much they need to save for retirement but they also start saving too late in life. Several strategies are outlined to help train yourself for productive retirement planning, to read […]

Tips for preventing credit card fraud (as reported by the Federal Trade Commission

The Federal Trade Commission helps to prevent fraudulent business practices in the marketplace in part by educating consumers. In this short article, the FTC outlines some do’s and don’ts of owning credit cards. Credit card fraud costs consumers hundreds of millions of dollars every year! Read these quick tips to help avoid becoming a victim–click here!