Monthly Archives: December 2012

Estate planning for every age (as reported by G.M. Filisko via

Each stage in one’s life presents a different set of circumstances for estate planning. This detailed article outlines exactly what steps should be taken at each of life’s major turns—from being young and carefree and leaving the major financial or medical decisions to parents or guardians—to life as a retiree and naming a power of […]

Company’s change to 401(k) plans show need for savings in employee benefits (as reported by Sarah Frier via

In what is currently uncommon, IBM announced last week that it will switch to an annual lump sum contribution to its employee 401(k) retirement plans. This change will reduce IBMs retirement contribution expenses by millions. Being one of the largest companies in the world with over 400,000 employees, this change may well spread to other […]

Shopping for a checking account (as reported by Elizabeth Dexheimer via

Consumers are facing some hard decisions when it comes to finding the right bank account. As a result of the recession and new regulations on banks, fees are on the rise. When looking for a secure place to store one’s money, consumers should do some serious research as the fees and requirements vary widely from […]