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Supply & Demand in the iPhone Market (as reported by Quentin Fottrell via

The laws of supply and demand dictate that if demand is met by disproportionately high supply, there will generally be a decrease in the price of a good. Furthermore, if there is a high supply of a good which is similar to another good in the market, individuals may be unwilling to continue paying high […]

No Saturday mail? Impact on financial activities (as reported by Geoff Williams via

Many individuals have already surmised the problems that will arise as a result of losing the Saturday post. The article to be found here iterates a few more. While it seems to jokingly set forward the idea that Netflix subscribers will have less opportunities to ship DVDs back, it does make the case that for people who continue […]

Why does the Penny Endure? (as reported by Geoff Williams via

On February 4, Canada announced that it would cease to produce Canadian pennies. While this is of little significance in the U.S., it has reinvigorated an old question related to why the penny endures. In 2012, the U.S. produced $49 million in pennies. It cost $118 million. This cost inequality aside, how often do people […]

College students finding more paid internships (as reported by Venessa Wong via

Alright, time to give your students some future college career advice. During college students can find some lucrative PAID internships now that the economy is back (or at least somewhat trending back). Students in technology and finance are at the top of the list of best compensated internships with monthly wages as much as $6074! […]

Identity Theft: dangers and prevention (as reported by Sheyna Steiner via

Despite its recent comedic portrayal in the media, identity theft can prove to be a very problematic and even life threatening situation. In this article, victims’ stories illustrate the multiple problems they face and the difficulties of remedying them. Learn the most common ways people put themselves at risk and the best identity theft prevention tips here.

Average Joe seeks professional advice on retirement (as reported by Ron Lieber via

Every day people are increasingly seeking out financial advisors to help them make smart, low-cost investments and to manage their Individual Retirement Account. Having a professional in charge of the retirement plans is seen to be a better alternative to having the individual handle them on his or her own as they are more likely to […]

Research shows 401(k) plans may be ineffective savings tool (reported by Steven Greenhouse via

While the 401(k) plan has become a prominent feature for many employees, some argue that they remain inadequate as savings vehicles. A report published by The Center for Retirement Research at BostonCollege (found here) highlights a number of these concerns, concluding that the 401(k) may not be a sufficient means to save for retirement, especially […]