Monthly Archives: April 2013

Should the Government Require Americans to Save? (as reported by Mitch Tuchman via

For many it comes as no surprise that Ronald O’Hanley, president of Fidelity Investments, believes Americans should try to save more money. What is more controversial is O’Hanley’s proposal for the government to start requiring workers to put away 6% of their earnings by default. Is this push to save necessary, especially in light of […]

Banks as the New Community Centers (as reported by Charles Passy via

In the age of online banking, some banks are implementing new ways to lure in existing and potential customers to their neighborhood branch. In an effort to become more community friendly, banks are hosting events and offering little perks to make visiting a branch a more enjoyable experience. To read more about this new strategy, read the full […]

Limiting Charitable Tax Deductions – Smart or Harmful? (as reported by Mark P. Cussen via

In response to the fiscal cliff and the push to increase revenue, politicians in and out of the White House have offered proposals that would limit or eliminate the itemized deductions for the wealthy. This could be problematic as both upper and middle class taxpayers use charitable contribution deductions to reduce their tax bills. The […]

Curb Your Bad Spending Habits (as reported by Monica Ricci via

There are many reasons why a person may have a large amount of debt, but much of the time, it is simply because of bad or uncontrolled spending habits. Thankfully, it is never too late for a person to change his or her ways and rein in spending. By utilizing the five tips provided in […]

Patterns in Consumers’ Credit Card Complaints (as reported by Carter Dougherty & Frank Bass via

Analysis of the consumers’ credit card complaints collected by the consumer bureau has yielded interesting findings. Of the 11,045 complaints collected, more than half came from zip codes with median annual household incomes higher than the national median of $52,762. This comes as a surprise to U.S. officials were interested in collecting the information in […]