Monthly Archives: May 2013

Pre-Approval Often Comes With a Catch (as reported by Charles Passy via

Even as an increasing amount of consumers are being preapproved for credit cards, experts say this offer is often too good to be true. Preapproval does not guarantee a competitive interest rate or even acceptance; the rejection rate for preapproved applicants can be as high as 30%. Consumers should be aware of this clever sales […]

New Strategies for Insurers Seeking to Cut Costs (as reported by Caroline Humer via

In attempts to cut costs while still providing adequate health care, many public and private insurance companies have begun offering more wellness and prevention initiatives. One of the most significant plans is the Accountable Care Organizations, which compensate medical providers who reach certain quotas. Government agencies and various insurance companies are optimistic about these new […]

Establishing Credit as an Emancipated Minor (as reported by Melody Warnick via

Emancipated minors can legally make their own financial decisions, but it seems the real catch is establishing a credit history. Without proper credit, companies and landlords are reluctant to enter into contracts with applicants under the age of 18. This makes it difficult to do things such as open a credit card or get a […]