Monthly Archives: June 2013

Cost of Selling a Home (As Reported by Carla Fried on

The good news is home sellers are in a better position now than they’ve been since before the financial crisis. The bad news is that most don’t plan enough for the costs that most people incur when going through the sales process. In addition to commission for real estate agents, there are often out of […]

Common Sense Investment Advice (As Reported by Pinyo Bhulipongsanon on

Most people who are new to investing want to know where to put their money, what the hot stocks are, or how they should choose a broker. But the experts will tell you that before you act, you should educate yourself and define a plan. It’s important to understand where you are financially, and what […]

The Unpredictable Economy (As Reported by Quentin Fottrell on MarketWatch.Com)

We look to economists to help us understand why things happen the way they do, and try to shed some insight into what the economy will do in the future. But, as this article lays out, that last part is not as easy as it sounds. Even economists, who study it full time, have a […]

Preferred Stock vs. Common Stock (As Reported by Miranda Marquit on Moolanomy.Com)

When most people think of stocks, we’re thinking of common stock. Preferred stock is different, and comes with certain privileges. One such privilege is that most preferred stock offers higher dividends than common stock, which is one of the primary reasons that people own preferred stock. They are also less risky and less volatile than […]

Financial Advice for Your Twenties (As Reported by Dan Caplinger on DailyFinance.Com)

For young people heading out into the real world for the first time, managing your money can be one of the more difficult tasks. Though it may be complex, understanding your finances is crucial when you’re just starting out. It is at this time in your life that you need to start planning, budgeting, paying […]

Reevaluating Risk in Today’s Market (As Reported by Tom Lauricella via

Buyer beware! Some of the “truths” of the investing marketplace that we have long held onto are changing. The investment landscape today may not resemble that of even a few years ago. A combination of uncertainty in the global economy and the Federal Reserve’s efforts to keep the interest rate near zero have made traditionally […]

Consumer Spending Drops in April (As Reported by Shobhana Chandra via Bloomberg.Com)

The latest consumer spending numbers show that people in the US have slowed their spending in the wake of higher payroll taxes and broad cuts to government programs. Pundits might attribute the drop in consumer spending, the first such drop in more than a year, to hesitance and uncertainty in the broader economy. However, consumer […]