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The Dangers of Credit Cards (as reported by Derek Thompson on Finance.Yahoo.Com)

The convenience of credit cards may be appealing, but if you look hard at how credit cards are changing people’s money habits, there may be more negatives than positives. The nature of credit cards is that people are more careless than they might otherwise be with cash. Some would argue that they make us less […]

In Finance, Lead by Example (As Reported by Jennifer Calonia on

One of the surest ways to develop a financially savvy young adult is for parents to reinforce sound personal finance decisions at home. And while not all parents will see eye to eye on good financial habits, being open about money management can have a huge impact on kids’ future financial literacy. By talking openly […]

Plan for Unexpected Medical Costs (As Reported by Gerri Detweiler on Finance.Yahoo.Com)

Even the most prepared and financially savvy of us can be caught off guard because of medical emergencies. Costs can be high and paying bills can be difficult. It is important that you plan for the unexpected so that these events don’t ruin an otherwise strong financial strategy. There are steps that you can take […]