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Maximizing the College Experience while Staying in Your Budget (as reported by Nancy Anderson via

Heading off to college is an exciting time in many young people’s lives. For most young people this is the first experience living outside of a parent’s house and managing their own expenses. College life provides many unique experiences and challenges for a young adult, not the least of which is covering the huge expense […]

The Truth About Credit Scores (as reported by Tisha Tolar on Moolanomy.Com)

Credit scores are important for a number of reasons. But for many of us, credit scores are confusing and difficult to understand. There are many myths about credit scores that you may have heard, but finding the truth about those myths is key to better understanding your credit history. One of the most common myths […]

The High Cost of Parenting (as reported by Melanie Hicken on Finance.Yahoo.Com)

Raising a kid is expensive. That comes as no surprise. But the actual price tag may cause your jaw to drop just a bit. The U.S. Department of Agriculture released a report the other day that estimated the cost of raising a child born in 2012 for 18 years is over $240,000. And since 2000, […]

Financial Pitfalls for Couples (as reported by Miranda Marquit on

When two people combine their finances, it’s important to make sure both people see eye to eye on personal finance. Just like in other areas of a relationship, it’s very important to talk openly about goals and expectations. Not being on the same page with your significant other can lead to financial problems during the […]

Most Important Financial Skills to Learn (as reported by Nancy Anderson on Forbes.Com)

When it comes to financial advice, it seems that everywhere you look, you will hear something new. And with the complexities of financial markets, and so much to learn about managing your finances, it can feel quite overwhelming at times. But if you practice just a few of the most important financial skills early in […]

Making Sense of Money Graphic by The Financial Brand

How many Americans have a long term savings plan or an emergency fund? Did you know that many financial advisers recommend an emergency fund to cover nine months to a year of household expenses? Reading numbers and statistics are always important, but sometimes seeing is believing. We’ve linked to the attached info graphic developed by […]

Finding Happiness with Money (as reported by Mandi Woodruff Finance.Yahoo.Com)

We all know the old adage that money does not buy happiness. But why do so many people think that more money will make them happier? And why is it almost never the case the more money leads to more happiness? Mandi Woodruff addresses the answers to these questions and makes some suggestions for spending […]