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Four Retirement Tips for Millenials (as reported by Jessica Sommerfield on

One of the most important skills to learn for anyone looking to sure up their finances is how to start planning for retirement. Current trends show that young adults are worried less about retirement, because they are too focused on current fiscal needs. But retirement needs to be high on the priority list, no matter […]

Choosing a Degree for Potential Earnings (as reported by Chris Nichols on Finance.Yahoo.Com)

The number of Americans earning college degrees continues to rise to levels never before seen. But not every college degree is equal, especially when you compare the potential earnings one can expect to make from one degree to another. NPR recently published a report that examines the highest, and lowest paying degrees for both Bachelors […]

Where to Turn for a Financial Check-Up

Most of us understand the importance of routine car maintenance and yearly health check-ups; why is choosing a Financial Adviser to review the health of our retirement portfolio something that makes us so uncomfortable?  For starters, how are we to know if the person dispensing advice truly has our best interests in mind?  And then […]

Millennials and Marriage, Tips for Financial Success (as reported by Daniel Lippman with the Wall Street Journal)

Marriage is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, decision that many people make in their lives.  For Millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) there are a number of important financial considerations to keep in mind.  Millennials are expected to live longer than older generations and, in some cases, could be retired for […]

In Need of More Young Homeowners (as reported by Quentin Fottrell on

18-34 year olds account for nearly half of the 2.4 million missing households in the United States. A “missing household” is a stat calculated as the number of people who do not own homes but who would have if not for the financial and housing market collapse of 2008. The number continues to get smaller, […]

Automate Your Savings (as reported by Kevin Mulligan on

Saving money is an important part of financial success. It is a habit, a healthy one that must be learned for most people. But it’s not always as easy as that. For many people, it takes constant effort, and it can be easy to forget. That’s why the right option for you might be to […]

Simple Ways to Raise Your Credit Score (as reported by Jim Wang on Finance.Yahoo.Com)

A good credit score is important, and there are many things you can do to ensure your score remains high. But sometimes, we make mistakes, and our score suffers. If you find yourself with a credit score that could use some help, there are some things that you can do in order to raise your […]