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Better Money Habits Courses

Have you heard of KhanAcademy? Founded in 2006 by Salman Khan, the company makes hundreds of courses available for free online, on topics which range from history to calculus. And recently, they partnered with Bank of America to create a portal of courses on personal finance subjects which they called “Better Money Habits”. Whether you’re […]

Credit cards for Young People (as reported by Jennifer Waters on

It is a popular thought that young people + credit cards = danger. After the financial collapse, Congress passed a number of laws meant to help the financial state of our country, including limiting credit card companies from signing up people under the age of 18 without a cosigner. But a recent study by researchers […]

Don’t Forget Your Finances at year End! (as reported by Deborah Jacobs via

It’s now the peak of the holiday season and that means family, celebrations and giving.  This is also a time to reflect on the last year, review our own finances, and plan for the year ahead.  For instance; if you have set up 529 college savings accounts, 2013 contributions will need to be completed by […]

Don’t Wait to Invest (as reported by Trent Hamm on

A reason many people give for not investing is not knowing what to invest in–they fear making the wrong decision, getting in at the wrong time, losing their money or not making as much as they possibly can. That kind of stalling is something best avoided, according to Trent Hamm, the right time to invest […]

Setting Goals for your Personal Finance (as reported by Trent Hamm on

A good strategy for learning and practicing healthy habits is to start with the end in mind. And that goes for personal finance as well. In this article on The Simple Dollar, Trent Hamm talks about envisioning the time in your life that you’re working towards. How old will you be? What will you want […]

Investing for beginners (as reported by Stephanie Halligan on

We’ve posted a number of times recently about the fear that many young people today have when it comes to investing. Still very distrustful of the stock market five years after the financial collapse surrounding mortgages and the housing market, many people are hesitant. But investing early is critical to building wealth over time. So […]