Don’t Forget Your Finances at year End! (as reported by Deborah Jacobs via

It’s now the peak of the holiday season and that means family, celebrations and giving.  This is also a time to reflect on the last year, review our own finances, and plan for the year ahead.  For instance; if you have set up 529 college savings accounts, 2013 contributions will need to be completed by Dec. 31st.  The end of the year may also be a good time for prescription refills and doctor’s visits. If you’ve already met your deductable then you stand to save a bundle as compared to waiting until next year.  It’s important for those that are age 70 ½ & older to make sure they have taken at least the required minimum distribution from IRA accounts.  If you if you are still working, increasing your 401k contribution (if you haven’t already hit the $17,500 yearly max) might also be a consideration.  A few easy moves could put you in better financial shape for 2014 and the years ahead.  Deborah L. Jacobs at Forbes lists these and other important items here.

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