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More ideas for financial resolutions in 2014! (as reported by the Wall Street Journal)

It is time to celebrate the passing of 2013 and to usher in 2014, bringing with it many New Year’s resolutions. This year, why not make a realistic and achievable commitment to improving your personal financial knowledge and well being?  There are a number of simple steps which can make a drastic improvement in your […]

Improve Your Finances in 2014 (as reported by Kimberly Palmer on

Make one of your New Year’s Resolutions this year to make 2014 your best financial year ever. And to help you accomplish that, Kimberly Palmer has put together this article listing 25 ways to improve your finances in the New Year. It starts by having the right attitude about money and setting your financial roadmap […]

When to Buy Insurance (as reported by Kevin on

The best laid plans don’t guarantee financial success. That’s because life is unpredictable. But you can be prepared for the unexpected if you buy the right kind of insurance. Everyone should look into the following types of insurance, depending on where they are in life: Life Insurance, Travel Insurance, Renters Insurance, Health Insurance, Car Insurance, […]

The Rise in Workplace Loans (as reported by Andrew Johnson on

Over the last couple of years, while the big banks are tightening up their standards, a new type of loan has gained popularity. These loans are commonly referred to as workplace loans, and they allow employees to borrow up to $500, with most choosing to pay it back directly from their paycheck. The workplace loan […]

Emergency Funds (as reported by Miranda Marquit on

Emergency funds are exactly what they sound like, money that you have saved in case of an emergency. Such an emergency might present itself in the form of a job loss or an illness, but no matter what happens your emergency fund is what you’ll rely on when there is no more money coming in. […]

Retirement Calculation Question Marks (as reported by Mandi Woodruff on

A recent study by Morningstar Investment Research suggests that many Americans may be targeting a number that is too high when planning for retirement. That’s because some of the common assumptions that retirement calculators use don’t necessarily match the reality of retirement. For example, when calculating how much money someone needs to retire, financial planners […]

Never Miss a Payment (as reported by John Ulzheimer on

One of the many myths about credit scores, and a dangerous one, is that missing just one payment won’t hurt you. When you miss a payment deadline, even for the first time, you risk a lower credit score. The best thing you can do is never miss a payment. But when that is not possible, […]