Monthly Archives: February 2014

Is Financial Aid Working? (as reported by Jon Marcus on

For a variety of reasons, some perhaps still unknown, more financial aid for education has been going to children of families who don’t need it rather than the poorer families who can’t afford college without it. As the Obama administration once again begins to address income inequality and its relation to education, it is becoming […]

Better Emergency Funds (as reported by Mandi Woodruff on

Saving money in case of emergencies is a good idea, there is no arguing with that. People lose their jobs, houses need repairing, health bills must get paid. But how you save for emergencies is a topic worth some debate. Because most people to date would consider the best way to save for emergencies is […]

Don’t Overpay Your Taxes (as reported by Sean Williams on

If you work a job where you get a paycheck, your taxes are likely taken out of your paycheck automatically. The amount of the withholdings is based on your W-4. But it may not be the right amount. If you end up getting a tax refund every year, it means that you are overpaying your […]

The Rule of 752 (as reported by on

You first goal in building wealth should always be to earn more than you spend. In order to do that, most people look to cut expenses. It’s natural to first look at your bigger costs, but don’t ignore those smaller and more frequent expenses. The Rule of 752 can help you pay closer attention to […]

Every Job In America (as reported by Quoctrung Bui at NPR’s Planet Money Blog)

Economists estimate that there are approximately 137 million jobs in the United States. How are they distributed?  It’s clear that over the past decades America has moved from a focus on goods production to a largely service industry.  Planet Money has charted this detail from U.S. government’s monthly jobs report to illustrate the size (in […]

Personal Finance Review for Millenials (as reported by Sara Roncera-Menendez on

Personal finance education being what it is, many young Americans leave college to join the workforce and live out on their own without a basic understanding of their own finances. And more than that, they don’t know where to turn for knowledge or advice. Sara Roncera-Menendez has put together for Mashable a fundamental introduction to […]

How to Avoid Phishing Scams (as reported by Trent Hamm on

One of the fastest ways to get into financial trouble in this modern age is to fall victim to a scam. Commonly referred to as phishing, email and other online financial scams continue to affect people all around the world. But learning how to recognize and avoid such scams can be simple, if we just […]