Monthly Archives: March 2014

Boost Your Tax Refund (as reported by Andre McNeil on

This is the time of year when taxes are on everyone’s mind. Many of us count on a healthy tax refund in the spring to help us pay for important items we have waited for, or as a nice boost to our savings. So how can you ensure that you get the most back this […]

Obama Introduces myRA (as reported by Melanie Hicken on

If you don’t have access to an employer-sponsored retirement savings account, you will soon have a new option open up to you. In his State of the Union this year, President Obama introduced a brand new financial vehicle that is aimed at helping many low to middle income Americans save for retirement. Dubbed “myRA”, the […]

Negative Option Scams (as reported by Christopher Elliott on

Remember to always read the fine print. You’ve heard that before. It’s like buyer beware, and it reminds us to pay attention to all the details of a purchase when we make one. Scams, some legal and others not, abound. One such “scam” that companies use in hopes of making more money off of you […]

What to do When an Account Goes to Collections

Typically an account is sent to collections if it is more than 90 days past due.  What does this mean, how does this affect a credit report, and how is best to remedy the situation? A collection occurs when we are late on a payment; examples could be auto loans, utility payments, or other services […]

Financial “Rules of Thumb” for Your Everyday Life

Greg Meyer shares a number of “rules of thumb” for personal finances in a recent blog post at In this post he discusses the potential upsides of banking at a credit union rather than a large bank.  He also advises on the portion of your paycheck that should be allotted to savings, for retirement, […]

Repaying Student Loans (as reported by Gary M. Stern on

The average outstanding balance for a person with student loan debt is over $20,000. Paying off those loans can seem like a daunting task, and for many graduates, it takes a lifetime. But it doesn’t have to. Gary M. Stern offers five ways that anyone with student loans can pay off their debt faster and […]

Smart Education (as reported by Richard Barrington on

We’ve all heard the saying that an investment in your education is the best investment you can ever make. But even an investment in education needs to be well thought out, especially in a time of rising student loan debt and high unemployment among recent graduates. Not all degrees are created equal, and nothing can […]