Hedge Funds in your 401(k)? What to know first. (as reported by Ben Steverman via Bloomberg.com)

Because of U.S. regulatory rules, most hedge funds are limited to investors with $1 million or more in investable assets. The reasoning behind this is simple, these funds are considered a risky class of investment that could expose the typical retail investor to a potentially devastating financial loss. All this said, there is without a doubt a potentially high return on investment and a certain coveted exclusivity that comes along with participating in these investments. The game is now changing and many hedge funds (and other alternative investments) are looking to convince employers to include them in the their retirement savings plan. Obviously there is a huge upside for these funds, specifically access to an over 2 trillion dollar pool of American’s retirement savings. In his article for Bloomberg.com, Ben Steverman discusses whether the potential earnings upside for retirement investors is worth the increased risk and fees that come along with it. Read the full article here.


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