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Top 10 Retirement Ready States (as reported by MarketWatch on

The National Institute on Retirement Security recently released its annual report on retirement readiness, which measures states by their general retirement preparation status. The report looks at things like employee participation in retirement savings and investment accounts, anticipated retirement income, etc. Its findings were presented at the fifth annual retirement policy conference. The state that […]

Shared Habits of the Financially Successful (as reported by J.D. Roth on

There are a number of shared qualities among people who are most successful at managing their finances and growing their wealth. And those of us that are not as successful can learn from them, and use them in an attempt to change our fortunes. The first is that people who are successful tend to surround themselves […]

Dividends (as reported by Trent Hamm on

Many people are hesitant to invest in stocks because they don’t know much about how they work. It’s important to learn as much as you can so that you can make smart investing decisions. For example, dividends are an important part of investing in stocks. When companies earn a profit, they have to decide what […]

Retirement Planning Mistakes (as reported by Robert Berger on

Nothing should keep you from preparing for your retirement. But too many Americans don’t pay attention to their retirement planning until it’s too late. Robert Berger, writing for Yahoo Finance, outlines seven common mistakes that people make that could put their finances at risk. The first is choosing to pay off debt before setting aside […]

Investing Lessons from Warren Buffett (as reported by Tom Sightings on

Warren Buffet is quite arguably the most successful investor of all time. And he has made most of his wealth based on very basic investment and financial principles, not difficult or complex financial schemes. So if you want to know how to make your money work for you, and build wealth as you prepare for […]

Best Value in Online Colleges (as reported by Mike Jelinek on

There is a lot of news surrounding the state of higher education in United States. Is it too expensive? Is financial aid working? Where can you get the best value? One thing that has remained true through it all has been that those with a college degree continue to out earn those with a high […]

Sell Your Stuff for Extra Cash (as reported by Travis Pizel on

From time to time we all need a little extra cash. The next time you find yourself looking for a little extra, look no further than your old stuff. Travis Pizel, writing for Money Ning, outlines a three step plan for earning money decluttering your home. Step one is to have a garage sale and […]