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Personal Finance Strategies (as reported by Ray Martin on

Many people offer advice on managing your finances. And as much as the advice might vary, there are a few things that most experts will agree on. Ray Martin, writing on Yahoo Finance, sums up six fundamental personal finance tips that will help you lead a more financially successful life. The first is to always […]

Student Loan Death Clause (as reported by Kimberly Hefling on

If you or someone in your family has a student loan that was signed by a parent or grandparent, you could find yourself in the unfortunate situation that many Americans are finding themselves in lately. Because of a clause in many student loan contracts, if the loan is cosigned by a family member, and that […]

Wealth and Inequality (as reported by Matthew Yglesias on

Capital in the 21st Century, the new book from¬†French economist¬†Thomas Piketty has been making a splash in recent weeks. Why is this book so powerful? It essentially calls out one of the inherent flaws in capitalism, that the ratio of wealth to income rises until the economic elite are those with inherited wealth and not […]