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FAQs on 401k (as reported by Emily Brandon on

401k retirement plans are employer sponsored investment accounts that allow workers to save money for retirement. How do they work? In short, they allow workers to designate a portion of each paycheck to be deposited into an investment account tax free. Since you don’t have to pay income taxes on the money you invest until […]

Side Effects of Credit Cards (as reported by Richard Barrington on

Credit cards can be very useful tools if you use them the right way. But they also come with their dangers. Richard Barrington, writing for, lists the possible side effects of credit cards. They start with the added costs when you don’t pay off your debt on time. If you allow interest to accrue […]

529 Accounts Grow (as reported by Anne Flaherty on

Saving for college is difficult. That’s why most parents have the option of opening a 529 College Savings Account, which allows you to contribute and use money for college education free of taxes. And a recent report by the College Savings Plans Network shows us that the average size of these accounts has doubled since […]

Retirement Shortfalls (as reported by Kimberly Palmer on

Three in four Americans in the lowest income bracket could run out of retirement savings within the first ten years. Many others will run through their savings long before they die. Saving for a retirement is one of life’s biggest financial goals, so why do so many of us fall short? One reason might be […]

Learning to Negotiate (as reported by

Learning the art of negotiation should be a priority for anyone who wants a more financially secure life. And while negotiating on price or pay may make you uncomfortable, it is those people who teach themselves to do it more that end up getting the better of things, financially speaking. Whether you are negotiating your […]

Renting or Buying, Which is the Better Value? (As reported by Neil Erwin at the New York Times)

Becoming a homeowner and making that first step onto the property ladder has long been a central part of the American dream.  A recent article in the New York Times suggests that, for those living in the county’s most expensive metropolitan areas, renting might make more sense in the current economy.  There are a number […]