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10 Financial Truths (as reported by Kimberly Palmer on

It’s unfortunate that even today in the United States, not everyone gets the most basic personal finance education. But the more we can work these basic lessons into everyday life, the more we can spread the knowledge. Kimberly Palmer, writing for Yahoo Finance, outlines ten key things that everyone must know. One truth that people […]

When to Pay Off Loans (as reported by Matthew Amster-Burton on

Man people find themselves asking this question at some point early in their careers: Should I take my savings and use it pay off my student loans or should I instead take that money and invest it? And if you ask ten different people, you might hear ten different answers. A common theme is that […]

How to Retire Early (as reported by Joe Udo on

Would you retire early if you could? Most people would say yes. And Joe Udo, writing for Yahoo Finance, cites five ways you can tell if you are ready to retire early. It starts with calculating your retirement cashflow. You will still need a steady stream of money coming in to support yourself during your […]

Bad Habits Costing You (as reported by

In order to set yourself up for financial success, most people think about all the ways that they can make more money. But instead, it’s smarter to think about what you might do to save more. If you can cut out certain bad habits, you might be able to save more. wrote about seven […]

401k Rollover (as reported by John Hechinger on

Beware financial advice, especially when it comes from someone who stands to profit from the ideas they are giving you. That’s the story in a recent investigation into sales techniques that some brokers are using to get employees to rollover their 401k plans to IRAs. Individual retirement accounts offer a wider range of investments, but […]

Improving Credit Scores (as reported by Brittney Castro on

We know by now that your credit score is a very important number as it relates to your personal financial success. It can mean the difference between getting a loan for home or car ownership or not. And it can affect the rates you pay when you are approved for a loan. But things happen, […]

Opposing Popular Money Advice (as reported by Alexa Mason on

Just because a lot of people say something is true, doesn’t mean it will be true for you. In the world of personal financial advice, there are many common themes that you should test for yourself before subscribing to them. This was the case for Alexa Mason, as she explains writing for Many personal […]