Monthly Archives: November 2014

Health and Student Debt (as reported by Natalie Kitroeff on

It is well understood that student debt is not great for your finances, but a new study of college graduates who left school in debt uncovered that student debt affects other aspects of your life as well. People reported worse health and higher levels of stress long after they graduated. The study, which covered more […]

Debit Card for Kids (as reported by

A new product out of the UK is making news in the financial world. It’s called Osper, and it’s a prepaid debit card meant to teach kids how to manage money. Aimed at parents with young children, the card connects to an app on your phone and allows kids to spend money on a budget. […]

35% of Americans in Collections (as reported by Josh Boak on

A scary new fact was recently reported, more than a third of all Americans have debt in collections. And the number does not appear to be dropping, even as more and more proof stacks up that the economy is ramping back up toward full recovery. About 35 percent of people have had their debts turned over […]

How do Millennials Choose to Spend Their Money?  (As reported by Jacob Davidson at

Millennials, loosely defined as those born within the years of 1980 to 2000, are soon to be the generation with more buying power than any other.  But what does this mean and what do Millennials choose to spend their money on?  Studies are showing that many goods and services thought essential by older generations are […]

Cracking the Code on Credit Card Numbers (As reported by Allan Smith at

You always hear that cash is king, but is that really true today?  Swiping a card, whether it is credit or debit, has become one of the most common methods of payment for everyday purchases.  It’s so easy to pay by card that many of us have likely never stopped to think about how the […]

Used Car Shopping Tips (as reported by Alexa Mason on

One of the larger purchase decisions a person will make in their lifetime, usually at least two or three times, is the purchase of an automobile. And finding a good deal on a great car is a skill that you can learn to help make an efficient car-buying decision. When shopping for a quality used […]

Importance of Financial Education Today (as reported by Donna Freedman on

It’s always been important for kids to learn how to manage money. But today, for this generation of children, the challenges they will face make learning basic personal financial skills crucial to their future success. A few simple mistakes, ones commonly made by today’s youth, can have a lasting negative impact on your life. Many […]