Monthly Archives: January 2015

You Have to Invest (as reported by William Cowie on

Investing should be a no brainer for Americans of any age. It is the best way to grow your wealth over the course of your lifetime. But the combination of a recent market collapse and a lack of knowledge, especially among the youngest professionals, have led to a much lower percentage of people who invest […]

Finance Lessons for the New Year (as reported by Todd Wasserman on

Personal finances are not sexy. And for most young people just starting their professional lives, there are plenty of other priorities to keep them occupied. But the sooner you start to understand how you’re money is working for you, the better chance you have of setting yourself up for a successful future. To kick of […]

Millenial Money Tips (as reported by Yohana Desta on

Young people today are coming of age in a difficult environment. Those in their 20s graduated from college and joined a working world that was still struggling to recover from one of the worst financial breakdowns of all time. And it can be hard for many just to find solid work in the field of […]

The Secret to Dividend Investing (as reported by Andres Cardenal on

New investors are confronted with a lot of different tips and theories and strategies for choosing the right investments. One oft-heard suggestion is to invest in dividend paying stocks, stocks of publicly traded companies that return some of their profits to shareholders in the form of dividends. And the reasoning behind this strategy is deeper […]