Monthly Archives: February 2015

3 Habits of Mindfully Wealthy People (as reported by Leisa Peterson of

Many of us are taught that the creation of financial wealth and the development of a strong moral compass cannot go hand in hand. Despite this prevalent belief in today’s society, it’s the farthest thing from the truth. According to Stephen Covey in his landmark The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, character and effectiveness […]

Top 5 Personal Finance Apps (as reported by Rebecca Sheppard of

The winter weather doesn’t have to stop you from working on a budget. One of the key tricks to staying on top of personal finance is being aware of precisely how much money is coming in and how much and where money is going out. In this technological age, personal finance apps have come to […]

7 Easy Ways to Raise Your Credit Score This Year (as reported by Mikey Rox of

So what if the first of the year has already come and gone? It’s never too late to establish yearly money goals for yourself. If your credit score needs work (or if you’ve been denied credit), there’s no time like the present to raise your personal FICO score. Obviously, you’re not going to improve a […]

Obama’s About-Face on 529 Plans Could Save the Middle Class a Bundle (as reported by Amey Stone, the Fiscal Times)

In his State of the Union speech last Tuesday, President Obama proposed tax breaks for college saving accounts known as 529 plans. A week later, that major policy proposal is dead, dropped by the administration in the face of opposition from Republicans and Democrats alike, as well as state treasurers, financial firms, educational institutions and […]