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How to Create a Budget for 2015 (As reported by Jack Ryder of

Having difficulties sticking to your budget this year? It might be time to consider a new approach. Monthly and weekly budgets are helpful, but don’t take into account the many changes in expenses and income that occur during the year. After all, most usually think of their salary as an annual figure. By considering your […]

10 Best Ways to Save For Retirement (As reported on

Retirement is something we should all be planning for. If we live long enough, we’ll all get to the point where we’ll be ready to stop working and start settling into a more relaxed life. However these days, it’s becoming more and more difficult to depend on pensions and Social Security to help you sustain […]

6 Reasons You Can Be Rejected With An Excellent Credit Score (As reported by Nick Clements of

These days, credit scores are everywhere. Many banks now print credit scores on your monthly credit card statement, and companies and online sites like give credit scores for free. Americans increasingly understand how their score is calculated and how to improve it. However, just because you have a good credit score doesn’t mean you […]

Top 10 Reasons People Go Bankrupt (As reported on

In today’s economic climate, personal bankruptcy has escalated at an alarming rate. According to U.S. bankruptcy statistics, more than 1.5 million people file for bankruptcy every year. Most significantly, nearly 97 percent of bankruptcy filings are made by individuals, not by businesses. While bankruptcy can provide a sensible debt solution for some people, others have […]

Student Loan Default Rates (as reported by Libby Nelson on

Libby Nelson, reporting for Vox, brings us an intriguing look at student debt. It turns out that there is a strange bit of data that shows quite clearly that students with less debt are more likely to default than students with more debt. The total outstanding debt a student has at the time they leave […]

Paycheck Explanation (as reported by Mandi Woodruff on

Getting a pay check feels good. But have you ever taken the time to read through every detail on there and really understand what it all means? It can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking at. This article from Yahoo Finance tries to help. It details every line item you’re likely to […]

5 Ways You Can Start Being Frugal — Pronto! (as reported by Brandhyze Stanley of

Ever find yourself thinking, “If only I made more money, all my financial woes would be over”? Well, you are totally not alone in feeling that way — not even close. But along with that realization comes another somewhat harsh one: The truth is, if you were to continue your same spending habits past today, […]