6 Reasons You Can Be Rejected With An Excellent Credit Score (As reported by Nick Clements of forbes.com)

These days, credit scores are everywhere. Many banks now print credit scores on your monthly credit card statement, and companies and online sites like CreditKarma.com give credit scores for free. Americans increasingly understand how their score is calculated and how to improve it. However, just because you have a good credit score doesn’t mean you will be approved for credit.

Nick Clements of forbes.com spent nearly 15 years working in banking, and used to decide who was approved or rejected based off of their scores. He believes, that despite what the scoring experts like to imply, simply knowing your score is not enough to know your odds of approval. Luckily, there exists a lot of information on why this may be the case.

Here are 6 reasons why you can have an excellent score, but still get rejected.

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