Paying for College: 7 Tips to Reducing Costs and Getting More Financial Aid (as reported by Carly Stockwell of

The average student loan debt in 2014 was nearly $30,000. A college education is just plain expensive and loans are more the rule than the exception. Still, most experts recommend that your total loan debt should not exceed the amount of money you expect to earn in your first year after graduation. If you only expect to make about $30,000 your first year of your career, that means you should only take out about $7,500 in loans each year!

Fortunately, we have some strategies and tips for student looking to reduce the amount of debt they take on. For instance, not only can a part-time job help you pay for books and other expenses, it can actually boost your grades. Studies show that students who work 10 to 15 hours a week actually have higher GPAs and are more likely to finish their degree. Keep in mind that working more than 15 hours a week can be detrimental to your studies.

Read on here for more tips on getting more money for college.

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