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10 Common Financial Mistakes (as reported by Tracie Fobes on

There are many financial decisions that we as Americans make throughout our lives. Some are big, like buying a house or opening a new retirement account. Some are small, like trips to the grocery store. Often, there are financial mistakes that we make because we don’t have the right knowledge or fail to pay attention […]

Compounding Interest is Critical (as reported by Ismat Sarah Mangla on

Do you know how compounding interest works? If you do, you are in the minority. A recent study of over 50 thousand individuals in 30 different countries testing their financial knowledge and behavior found that only 42% of respondents could correctly answer the following question: Will a $100 savings account compounding at an interest rate […]

5 Year Rule for Homeowners (as reported by Thursday Bram on

A common piece of advice new homebuyers are likely to hear is that they should plan on staying in the same house for at least five years. Why is that? The basis for this argument is that if you decide to move and sell before five years is up, you will likely lose money on […]

Save Money by Switching to an Online Bank (as reported by Ismat Sarah Mangla on

Online banking is officially here to stay. Over the last ten years, online banks are the only banks to show consistent and significant growth in new customers. More and more people are moving their savings accounts, checking accounts, and credit cards to new banks without a physical location. But why? One reason is that because […]

Finance and Marriage (as reported by Michael Chamberlain on

Marriage is a defining moment in one’s life. It is also a time, though most people choose to believe otherwise, when personal finances take on even greater importance. The reason why is that two people with two separate financial situations and views are now joining together. The most important thing couples can do before they […]

50/20/30 Budget Rule (as reported by

Budgeting can be a difficult skill to learn for most people. As humans, we have a natural tendency to value the present over the future. And so when we begin making money, we would rather spend it than save it. A simple rule can help you begin to think differently. The 50/20/30 Rule (or 50/20/30 […]

Poor Investment Choices (as reported by John Aziz on

There are big differences between the way rich people invest their money and the way poor people invest their money. Some of this has to do with taste or accessibility, but some of it unfortunately has to do with awareness. Rich people, it seems, are simply more aware of the investment options which historically outperform […]