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Finance and Marriage (as reported by Michael Chamberlain on

Marriage is a defining moment in one’s life. It is also a time, though most people choose to believe otherwise, when personal finances take on even greater importance. The reason why is that two people with two separate financial situations and views are now joining together. The most important thing couples can do before they […]

4 Money Lessons for Children (as reported by Ashley Eneriz on

Where are we supposed to learn about money? At school? In the home? Through trial and error? The truth is, most Americans don’t know enough about finances to teach their kids. But due to lack of financial education in schools, the home is where most of our financial training comes from. Parents would do well […]


There have been many studies and experiments dealing with money as a motivator. In the business world, managers want to know how to use money to get more out of their employees. But little has been noted about the effects of money on kids. Now, a set of studies from around the world have noted […]

Debit Card for Kids (as reported by

A new product out of the UK is making news in the financial world. It’s called Osper, and it’s a prepaid debit card meant to teach kids how to manage money. Aimed at parents with young children, the card connects to an app on your phone and allows kids to spend money on a budget. […]

Saving for College (as reported by Joel Saul-Sehy on

The price tag on a college education continues to rise. This is nothing new, and families planning to send their children to college need to start saving as early as possible. When starting to sock money away, you will have a number of options that will work better in the long run than your average […]

The High Cost of Parenting (as reported by Melanie Hicken on Finance.Yahoo.Com)

Raising a kid is expensive. That comes as no surprise. But the actual price tag may cause your jaw to drop just a bit. The U.S. Department of Agriculture released a report the other day that estimated the cost of raising a child born in 2012 for 18 years is over $240,000. And since 2000, […]

How To Teach Children About Investing (as reported by Aparna Narayanan with The Wall Street Journal)

At what age should we start the conversation about personal finance and investing? Investment professionals share their experience from teaching their own children. The suggestions are quite varied and easily approachable; sharing bank and investment account statements, purchasing stock to explain the concept of proportional ownership, and how to tackle more abstract ideas like inflation […]