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Life insurance is not a topic people spend much time thinking about. That’s because it is only ever necessary in death, a subject we don’t like thinking much about ever. But if you have people that depend on you – a spouse, children, employees – life insurance is an important part of your personal financial […]

Renting or Buying, Which is the Better Value? (As reported by Neil Erwin at the New York Times)

Becoming a homeowner and making that first step onto the property ladder has long been a central part of the American dream.  A recent article in the New York Times suggests that, for those living in the county’s most expensive metropolitan areas, renting might make more sense in the current economy.  There are a number […]

Financial Lessons from one woman’s tragedy (as reported by Ron Lieber via

This New York Times article of a woman trying to take the reins on her finances after the sudden death of her husband highlights the importance of estate planning and being financially literate. Chanel Reynolds faced many difficulties coming from the lack of a signed will and little information about her insurance, retirement account, and […]

Estate planning for every age (as reported by G.M. Filisko via

Each stage in one’s life presents a different set of circumstances for estate planning. This detailed article outlines exactly what steps should be taken at each of life’s major turns—from being young and carefree and leaving the major financial or medical decisions to parents or guardians—to life as a retiree and naming a power of […]