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In today’s world, it is nearly impossible to completely avoid the risk of fraud related to identity theft. Personal information is traded, shared, and exposed every single day. But that doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. There are things that you can and should do to limit your exposure, because identity theft can be one of the […]

How to Avoid Phishing Scams (as reported by Trent Hamm on

One of the fastest ways to get into financial trouble in this modern age is to fall victim to a scam. Commonly referred to as phishing, email and other online financial scams continue to affect people all around the world. But learning how to recognize and avoid such scams can be simple, if we just […]

Scams rise after natural disasters (as reported by Paul Wagenseil via

It is an unfortunately common occurrence—when people are already reeling from a natural disaster, another blow strikes—the scam artist. After many natural disasters, including the most recent Hurricane Sandy, there is a sharp increase in fraudulent activities. This article explains what people should be weary of at this time of crisis—from price gouging to false […]

Tips for preventing credit card fraud (as reported by the Federal Trade Commission

The Federal Trade Commission helps to prevent fraudulent business practices in the marketplace in part by educating consumers. In this short article, the FTC outlines some do’s and don’ts of owning credit cards. Credit card fraud costs consumers hundreds of millions of dollars every year! Read these quick tips to help avoid becoming a victim–click here!

Fraud, identity-theft complaints up 19% since 2010, 800% since 2000 (as reported by consumer reports via

Even as the economy moves through a slow recovery phase, fraud cases are higher than they’ve ever been. There are more schemes related to investments, mortgages, and the internet, according to the FBI. Scammers are becoming more clever and convincing, always inventing new ways to catch consumers. In this article, Consumer Reports researched some of […]