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Donald Trump’s Impact on Your Finances (as reported by Rob Berger on

It’s official, Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States of America. Whether or not you voted for him, this fact is likely to result in a number of changes that could impact your financial well-being. First, depending on how much money you currently make, you could see a change in taxes. […]


Insurance is a cost that many people forget to factor into their financial planning and budgeting processes. Most Americans will at some point in their lives pay for health/medical, home, life, and auto insurance. And those costs aren’t fixed. They change depending on what happens to you, where you live, etc. A recent article in the […]

When to Buy Insurance (as reported by Kevin on

The best laid plans don’t guarantee financial success. That’s because life is unpredictable. But you can be prepared for the unexpected if you buy the right kind of insurance. Everyone should look into the following types of insurance, depending on where they are in life: Life Insurance, Travel Insurance, Renters Insurance, Health Insurance, Car Insurance, […]

Cutting Back on Health Coverage (as reported by Tom Murphy via

Health coverage is a hot topic these days and for many is tied directly to employment. A new trend is starting to emerge among employers, many are rethinking the instances in which an employee’s spouse can receive coverage. Starting next year some employers will no longer cover insurance for a spouse with access to coverage […]

New Strategies for Insurers Seeking to Cut Costs (as reported by Caroline Humer via

In attempts to cut costs while still providing adequate health care, many public and private insurance companies have begun offering more wellness and prevention initiatives. One of the most significant plans is the Accountable Care Organizations, which compensate medical providers who reach certain quotas. Government agencies and various insurance companies are optimistic about these new […]