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5 Year Rule for Homeowners (as reported by Thursday Bram on

A common piece of advice new homebuyers are likely to hear is that they should plan on staying in the same house for at least five years. Why is that? The basis for this argument is that if you decide to move and sell before five years is up, you will likely lose money on […]


It is quite common today for student loans to be co-signed by parents and guardians of those students who are borrowing. In fact, almost 94% of all student loan dollars in the first three quarters of 2014-15 school year were co-signed. But the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has some warnings for parents vouching for their […]

When to Pay Off Loans (as reported by Matthew Amster-Burton on

Man people find themselves asking this question at some point early in their careers: Should I take my savings and use it pay off my student loans or should I instead take that money and invest it? And if you ask ten different people, you might hear ten different answers. A common theme is that […]

The Rise in Workplace Loans (as reported by Andrew Johnson on

Over the last couple of years, while the big banks are tightening up their standards, a new type of loan has gained popularity. These loans are commonly referred to as workplace loans, and they allow employees to borrow up to $500, with most choosing to pay it back directly from their paycheck. The workplace loan […]

Microcredit helping to ease poverty in American cities (as reported by Shaila Dewan with the New York Times)

The concept of microlending is an idea that many of us have only a passing knowledge of. ¬†Perhaps you or someone you know has established an account with an organization like Kiva to lend funds to aspiring entrepreneurs in a developing country. These days micro lending is no longer focused on just the developing world. […]