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Fewer people owning homes means more renters in the market. And when there are more renters in the market, the rental prices are driven higher. That’s exactly what’s happening in the marketplace right now. And that is leading to more and more people who are having trouble affording their rent. Rental prices rose an average […]

Sell Your Stuff for Extra Cash (as reported by Travis Pizel on

From time to time we all need a little extra cash. The next time you find yourself looking for a little extra, look no further than your old stuff. Travis Pizel, writing for Money Ning, outlines a three step plan for earning money decluttering your home. Step one is to have a garage sale and […]

10 Money Mistakes in Your 20’s (as reported by Suba Iyer on

It takes most people a number of years before they decide that they need to get a handle on their finances. By the time we are thirty, we’re expected to know a lot about how live healthy financials lives. But what about your 20’s? What are we expected to know during the decade that most […]

Better Money Habits Courses

Have you heard of KhanAcademy? Founded in 2006 by Salman Khan, the company makes hundreds of courses available for free online, on topics which range from history to calculus. And recently, they partnered with Bank of America to create a portal of courses on personal finance subjects which they called “Better Money Habits”. Whether you’re […]

Making Sense of Money Graphic by The Financial Brand

How many Americans have a long term savings plan or an emergency fund? Did you know that many financial advisers recommend an emergency fund to cover nine months to a year of household expenses? Reading numbers and statistics are always important, but sometimes seeing is believing. We’ve linked to the attached info graphic developed by […]

Finding Happiness with Money (as reported by Mandi Woodruff Finance.Yahoo.Com)

We all know the old adage that money does not buy happiness. But why do so many people think that more money will make them happier? And why is it almost never the case the more money leads to more happiness? Mandi Woodruff addresses the answers to these questions and makes some suggestions for spending […]

What’s In A Name? The Differences between Financial Professionals (as reported by

Though used interchangeably in conversation, there are stark differences between stockbrokers, investment advisors, and financial advisors. These differences become crucial when seeking to hire a professional for financial or investment advice. This handy Forbes article outlines the differences between the three in a clear manner, listing the functions and qualifications behind each title. Click here […]