Financial advisors traditionally serve the wealthier among us, who are historically more proactive with their money, because they have more of it. But these industry professionals can be a good idea for anyone looking to make smarter financial decisions, and can benefit people across the income spectrum. But only if you hire the right ones. […]

We all have questions about retirement – ranging from how to save for it to when is it time? To help answer some of those questions, Vanguard recently shared the 7 big financial milestones in retirement. These are the ages when most of us will be able to take key steps toward a more secure […]

If you pay attention to the news much these days, you are likely to hear a lot about income inequality. The fact that incomes at the very top have grown rapidly over the last several decades while everyone else’s have stagnated is a large drain on the economy. And brand new research suggests that your […]

Taxes are complicated. There is no avoiding that. The US tax code is so complex that its likely even a lawyer who specializes on tax law doesn’t know all the details. So how can you or I be expected to understand them? While becoming an expert in the tax code may not be possible, there […]

A 401k employer match is one of the best things any employee can ask for. Why? Because it means free money toward your retirement. Many employers in the US still offer this benefit to their employees – they match 50-100% of employee 401k contributions up to a certain limit. But according to the Society for […]

All of the experts agree – the sooner you start saving for retirement, the better off you’ll be when the time comes. But what if you haven’t started yet? What if you are getting close to retirement age and you are worried you won’t have enough saved? According to a recent survey, 28% of Americans […]

Student debt is a big problem in the United States today. 54% of young workers report that right now, paying off student loans come before saving for retirement. What’s more, 40% report that worrying about student loans has impacted their health. Does this mean nobody should ever take out loans to pay for college? Of […]